October Newsletter

Happy Halloween from the Alligator River!
In the month of October we made some serious miles, sailing all the way from Manhattan to the middle of North Carolina! After leaving New York the Wildcat gently lurched and rolled her way though the wide swells of the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in fifteen years. We then hopped onto Chesapeake Bay and sailed the whole 200 miles on just five gallons of gas. Our new friend Carol eloquently summed up how economical sailing can be by reminding us that "the wind is free!" 

We saw friends from DC, Philly, Baltimore, and Virginia Beach before some strong winds from the South kept us docked in the tiny crab fishing island of Tangier, Virginia for five days in the middle of the month. After finishing up Chesapeake Bay we made our way to the Dismal Swamp and entered the Intercoastal Waterway. We’re now making our way through the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge and keeping our eyes peeled for gators!
In case you missed our post from Virginia Beach, I included a little diagram that I made for an application for a residency program during the month of February. You can see the updated design of the artists' books and how the final map will be displayed on an iPad. I’ve applied to several residencies but they’re all quite competitive, so if you have an idea of a studio space I could use for that month, please get in touch!

Thank you as always for your support, we hope you enjoy our October Newsletter!

Lucy and Zion