Beach Erosion on Cape Island, SC

Yesterday we set out early for Cape Island, SC for a day on the beach. Despite and uncooperative dinghy engine, abundant burrs and prickers on the walk, and voracious biting flies it was still a great day to be out. The beach was covered with huge shells including a beautiful 8" whelk shell we took home. Fallen pine tress also littered the sand and showed us the most dramatic example of beach erosion we've seen yet. Click on a picture above for a summary of the impacts we checked out on our walk. 

Waterfall Farm, Warrensville, NC

This week we parked the boat in Georgetown, SC and drove a rental car out to Warrensville, NC to Waterfall Farm. Our friends Michael and Wheeler run the only maple syrup farm in North Carolina, as well as a business making leather tool belts. We were treated to delicious home made meals, the fluffiest bed of all time, some therapeutic time with a wood splitter, and a beautiful hike through the fall leaves. We're excited to host them on the Wildcat for a few days on the South Carolina coast! 

Wrightsville Beach, NC

We took an afternoon off from sailing to enjoy Wrightville Beach, North Carolina. We almost had the place to ourselves too! It felt great to soak up some sun and run around after several long and soggy days. 

North Carolina Intercoastal Waterway

We're making our way down the Intercoastal Waterway in North Carolina this week. It's been rainy and foggy most of the time and so humid that even dry fabrics and surfaces seem to always feel wet. I remember Zion's mom Mary warning us about this reality of life in the Southeast! I've been inside the cabin most days working away on graduate school applications. Sometimes I get so wrapped up I forget where we are, and when I looked at a map of the ICW in North Carolina I was shocked at how far from the Atlantic we had strayed! 


Oriental, North Carolina

Here are some pictures from the tail end of the Dismal Swamp. We then moved on to the tiny cruiser mecca of Oriental, NC. I get so wrapped up in nature photos that I forget to take pictures of the places we stop! Luckily our new cruiser friends are better bloggers than I am. Here's a post from our friends the Skeltons that pretty much sums up our experience too:

Thanks Ron and Jackie! 

Alligator River, North Carolina

The swamps along the Alligator River are packed with snags - skeletons of trees unable to tolerate the increased salinity due to sea level rise. We took our dingy out at sunset to get a closer look. 

October Newsletter

Happy Halloween from the Alligator River!
In the month of October we made some serious miles, sailing all the way from Manhattan to the middle of North Carolina! After leaving New York the Wildcat gently lurched and rolled her way though the wide swells of the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in fifteen years. We then hopped onto Chesapeake Bay and sailed the whole 200 miles on just five gallons of gas. Our new friend Carol eloquently summed up how economical sailing can be by reminding us that "the wind is free!" 

We saw friends from DC, Philly, Baltimore, and Virginia Beach before some strong winds from the South kept us docked in the tiny crab fishing island of Tangier, Virginia for five days in the middle of the month. After finishing up Chesapeake Bay we made our way to the Dismal Swamp and entered the Intercoastal Waterway. We’re now making our way through the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge and keeping our eyes peeled for gators!
In case you missed our post from Virginia Beach, I included a little diagram that I made for an application for a residency program during the month of February. You can see the updated design of the artists' books and how the final map will be displayed on an iPad. I’ve applied to several residencies but they’re all quite competitive, so if you have an idea of a studio space I could use for that month, please get in touch!

Thank you as always for your support, we hope you enjoy our October Newsletter!

Lucy and Zion


The Dismal Swamp

We spent the last few days motoring through the Dismal Swamp, crossing from Virginia into North Carolina. For most of the swamp we traveled through a canal that was at times packed with other cruisers heading south. We were thrilled to find among them two couples traveling together who are close to us in age! They even both have dogs on board which was a special treat for me. We had a little party on the Wildcat the first night we met complete with brats, cocktails, halloween candy and the game Cards Against Humanity (thanks Tyler!). It's fun to travel in a loose group instead of totally solo like we have been.