Beacon, NY

Yesterday we sailed to Beacon, NY on a stunning and crisp fall day. The wind and current kept us humming along at 7 knots (our normal speed is 5 knots) down the Hudson. We spent Monday at the DIA: Beacon, a sculpture museum built inside of a former Nabisco packaging factory. The museum is awash with soft natural light and vast oceans of weathered oak floor from the original factory.

I first saw the museum in 2010 with my class of art majors from Colorado College. Richard Serra's Torqued Ellipses completely swept me off my feet during that visit - I had never experienced such a pleasantly overpowering work of art. Walking amongst the three-inch thick arcs of steel feels quiet and sacred, like being in a church sanctuary all by yourself. I also thought about these pieces each time we passed through a lock on the Erie canal. The locks are often lined with rusted steel and rise to a similar height as these pieces.

I want to share a quick update about our interactive map. I planned to use the months of August and September to build the map, hoping it would be functional before we hit the coast and got started with our interviews and classroom visits. I've spent countless hours learning how to use Adobe Flash and code in Javascript but unfortunately I don't have an interactive map to share at this point. Zion has pointed out that this phase of the trip where we are collecting the data that will go into the map, and that it makes more sense to analyze and compile it once we're done. So for rest of the East Coast I'll continue writing blog posts, making contacts, taking photos, and writing grants (in addition to doing all of my other work... like trying to get into grad school!). Next spring I'll put my programmer hat back on and we'll have an engaging and beautiful interactive map to share!