Friends, Family, Fall

I hope you're enjoying the crisp fall air as much as we are! First, an apology for not posting as regularly on our blog this month as I have in the past. I'm working away on applications for artist residencies so that while Zion is at Quest University in Squamish this February, I can take time in a studio to work on our edition of artists' books. The residencies are all fairly competitive, so there is a chance I won't have a place officially lined up to work for that month. If you know of a studio or a residency that might take me for that month, please give me a shout! I really just need a big flat table in a fairly quiet room. If you're in the South East, even better. Here's a diagram of the update artists' book design that I just finished for my applications: 

I'm also applying to MFA programs this fall which has a way of soaking up my free time. Between finding a place for February and working on those applications, sometimes it takes a little prodding from Zion for me to leave my computer and actually enjoy the places we've stopped. Today we passed through a canal in the Dismal Swamp (proving to be less exciting than the Fire Swamp from the Princess Bride) and stopped to take advantage of a free dock and internet for the day. Well, actually I used the internet to do some work, Zion made some sailor man friends and spent the afternoon having beers with them instead! Smart move. 

Above are a few pictures from the past few weeks, including a visit from our friends Z, Sarah, and Una and a stop to visit my sister Clara and niece Teagan in Virginia Beach. It was so fun to catch up with Clara, especially because she's adding a new niece or nephew to the Holtsnider clan next May! We can't wait to meet him or her! We also got to carve pumpkins and stock up on dry goods. Thanks Clara!