Erie Canal I

We are slowly making our way down the Erie Canal, though the extreme heat is testing our patience! Today was the hottest day of the year in Newark, NY where we are docked for the night. It's almost 9pm and it's 80 degrees and 80% humidity! Yesterday we were treated to a merciful break from the heat by Becky and Bob Olsen who took us to their lovely lake house in the Finger Lakes for the evening! We enjoyed a swim in the lake (swimming is not on our daily agenda anymore thanks to stagnant canal water), my first stand up paddle boarding experience, some delicious scallops and local wine, and some bonus sagely advice for newly weds and factoids about beavers (they mate for life!). Thanks Becky and Bob for a wonderful evening! 

As for the canal, I promise to look up some interesting facts about it to share soon, but tonight it's too damn hot. I did have time to make a quick video of what it looks like to go through a lock! This is lock 33 (or possibly 34).