End of the Great Lakes

Today we concluded an 800 mile journey through three of the Great Lakes! Lake Michigan, Huron, and Erie are behind us, along with Georgian Bay, the North Channel, and Lake St. Clair. I've loved seeing how varied these coastlines are. I'd write more eloquently about it all but Zion and I are both pretty brain dead tonight. We had a bizarre night in Buffalo yesterday in which we were awoken at 11:45 by and angry security guard who insisted that we had to leave where we were docked, despite the dark and fog. We'd called the owner of the marina multiple times, but there was never an answer or an employee to be found. Zion talked him down to us being gone before the cleaners arrived a 6 so we grumpily rose early and anchored in the city harbor instead.

We packed away our sails, lowered our mast and strapped it to the deck, and then headed off to our first lock of the trip! this one was only six feet deep, but it was still strange to hold a rope while the water below us slowly drained out. Then we filled up on gas and set out on the Erie Canal! The sloping backyards remind me of the Highline canal in Littleton, though about 5 times wider. We also have to navigate flocks of children and drunk adults of paddle boards and bikes, a jarring shift from long days under sail with not another soul in sight.