Erie Canal II

The Erie Canal has been a lovely ride! The scenery and sailing are not quite as thrilling as on the Great Lakes, but we've been very productive and also had a chance to settle in to boat life. The Wildcat finally feels like our home and living in a such a small space has ceased feeling cramped or inconvenient. It's almost hard to imagine how we filled up a whole house when we lived in Idaho.

In the first picture you can read a little lock history. They feel as well loved as they are old - everything associated with the canal is painted in countless coats of chipped bright royal blue and gold paint. We learned from Becky and Bob Olsen that the canal as it exists today may be in for some big changes due to funding issues. The canal's forty-something locks and many draw bridges each require an individual operator, and we've had a few days of travel where we see more canal employees than other boaters. Yet using the canal is ridiculously cheap - it only cost us $37 for a ten day pass, and we haven't had to pay for dockage at all. Most towns have bathrooms and laundry for boaters to use and the last place we stayed had a tiny herb garden planted next to the dock.

Onboard I've been hard at work on the interactive map while Zion tries to keep his inbox from exploding with too many PhD emails. I'm slowly learning how to code in Javascript in order to make the map interactive while also designing the various menus and map itself. It's frustrating but also rewarding and I am SO excited for the day when I can share it with everyone. Hopefully it will blow all of your minds!