Hovancsek Hospitality

Sunday and Monday we were treated to an excellent retreat from life at sea (or lake). Marcy and Lou Hovencsek generously let us spend two nights in their lovely cottage on Lake Erie near Ashtabula, OH. They even packed the fridge with food that they insisted we take with us back to the boat. We happily complied and are now recovering from the absurd amount of klondike bars and hot dogs we ate. 

Lou snapped some pictures of the Wildcat as we sailed in and as far as we know these are the first pictures of this boat under sail! It's surprisingly hard to get pictures of the sails up because we're both always aboard and we usually meet people at marinas where we need to have the sails down to safely enter. I also did some beach combing and found a really cool rock (the black one with the white stripe)! It's always satisfying when a rock I find is impressive to our in-house geologist, who declared it basalt with calcite crystals.