"Cleveland: Best Location in the Nation"

We spent two nights and one day in Cleveland which, according to AllThingsClevelandOhio.blogspot.com, is know as "The best location in the nation!" That seems like a tall order for a city so far from the best state in the nation (Colorado) but we weren't there long enough to disprove the moniker. Our arrival was eventful as we cruised into Cleveland Harbor with an uncooperative rudder that left us unable to turn to the right. As Zoolander would say, we were not ambi-turners, forcing us to do some embarrassing donuts in front of a yacht packed with camera-happy tourists. With Zion's expertise we were still able to pull the sails down, drop our anchor, and spend the night. 

The next day Duncan's family brought us a tasty breakfast and then headed out for a little day sail with Zion while I took a personal day in the city. I was thrilled to learn that the Museum of Contemporary Art was hosting a zine and book art fair called Mimeo Revolution that weekend! I packed up two of my artists' books and set off for the museum. I met a book artist/zine maker named TR Ericsson who I feel like I should have already heard of. His zines were poignant and gorgeously compiled and I couldn't keep my hands off them. I also met Catie Moore of Nomadic Bookshelf, a neat little pop-up shop of photo books she hand picks from small publishers. The fair was an unexpected treat and perfect way to spend a day off!