Back in the USA!

After a little longer stay in Ontario than we'd originally planned, we finally made it back to the USA on Saturday. We've spent the last week trying to get south to Detroit where the plan was to drop off Rose and pick up Duncan but some strong south winds made us stay put. We rented a car to swap out our guests, and then finally got moving again early Saturday morning. We then initiated Duncan to life on the boat with an 82 mile day! 

We also got our first grant last week! We received a grant from the College Book Arts Association to pay for a year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud and a few books on Adobe Flash in order to build the interactive map. I've been working away on the map each day and hope to have a draft posted in the next two weeks! 

Finally, I revamped the website the other day to make it a little easier to navigate. I got rid of the cover page and made a home page instead, and I also updated the cover photos of various pages. Check it out and let me know what you think!