First Post


I write from a tiny dorm room in Squamish, British Columbia on a hazy March day. Zion is teaching a course at Quest University called Earth, Space and Oceans and is busily preparing course materials and field equipment. Obviously he has a lot of material to cover in 3.5 weeks given that course title, so I'm tasked with designing the website and crowd source campaign for Climate Odyssey. 

As I build this site I keep wishing I had more images to work with of us actually sailing on the catamaran together, but seeing as the craft hasn't touched the water since 2001, there aren't any of those to be found. We'll be back in Wisconsin this May to continue fixing it up in hopes that it'll be seaworthy after our wedding on June 6th. 

Now back to scheming up tantalizing Indiegogo perks and googling things like "custom upcycled beverage koozie"