Repairs are Nearing Completion!

We're getting really close to being done with boat restoration, and after months of sanding, scraping, cutting, painting, and varnishing our backs, wrists, and lungs are ready for something new! A few more touch-ups remain, including installing our water tanks and one of the repaired hatches, before we can move the boat to the marina in Manitowoc. If you click on a picture you'll get a slideshow with captions. 

We're Back!

It's been a wild month for Zion and me, here's a quick recap! We drove to Colorado at the end of May to get ready for our wedding in Berthoud, CO. Tornadoes and flash floods gave us a good scare the night before guests started arriving, but midday on Friday the sun came out and we never looked back! It was hands down the most fun weekend of our lives, it's almost hard to believe that it was real.

Then we headed down to the Great Sand Dunes National Park for a quick backpacking honeymoon.

Next Zion had a conference in Grand Lake, CO and I headed to Colorado Springs to get my letterpress fix and print our thank you cards. Now we're back at it in Wisconsin! We're hoping to be ready to put the boat in the water in the next few weeks, but the actual date of departure is still very fuzzy. Here one of the hulls is being repaired with a final layer of fiberglass. 

The best part of working on the boat is witnessing some stunning Wisconsin sunsets. 

Boat Repairs Begin

After wrapping up a successful Indiegogo campaign ($13,427 raised in total! WOO!) we dove right into getting the Wildcat ready for another year at sea. Week one of boat repairs is now complete and we were very lucky to have exactly the cool, cloudy weather that we needed to begin refinishing the deck with fiberglass. We've been enjoying some delicious home cooked meals made by Zion's mom and lots and lots of advice about fiberglass technique from his dad. Now we're waiting out a rainy day in a coffee shop: slowly chipping away at our other big projects, wedding planning and manuscript writing.

Social MediAHH!

I'm a "digital native", and setting up an Instagram account wasn't that hard, so why bother catching up on social media marketing? It's intuitive, and easy right? Week one of our IndieGogo campaign is complete and I'm learning that successfully navigating social media outlets is a lot harder than it looks. Not only was I naive enough to think I could get away with running this campaign without jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, I also hoped I could just put all of the work in to the website and campaign video and then the thing would just sell itself. Alas, it's not so simple. 

All things considered, things are going well! We made it to (nearly!) 25% of our goal in the first week, which is a pretty solid start. Now we're facing a second week slump in which the hard work of engaging new followers begins! After a quick tutorial from, and a lot of hapless googling of things like "How to Reddit" I'm slowly catching on. #hopeweektwogoesbetter #I'dreallyrathernotbeontwitter #what'ssobadaboutspacesbetweenwords?

What do I do with this information??

What do I do with this information??

First Post


I write from a tiny dorm room in Squamish, British Columbia on a hazy March day. Zion is teaching a course at Quest University called Earth, Space and Oceans and is busily preparing course materials and field equipment. Obviously he has a lot of material to cover in 3.5 weeks given that course title, so I'm tasked with designing the website and crowd source campaign for Climate Odyssey. 

As I build this site I keep wishing I had more images to work with of us actually sailing on the catamaran together, but seeing as the craft hasn't touched the water since 2001, there aren't any of those to be found. We'll be back in Wisconsin this May to continue fixing it up in hopes that it'll be seaworthy after our wedding on June 6th. 

Now back to scheming up tantalizing Indiegogo perks and googling things like "custom upcycled beverage koozie"