Spring Update!

Greetings from St. Marys, GA!
My apologies for the long break from the last update! Zion and I are settling into our temporary home in St. Marys, Georgia for the next two to six weeks while we wrap up the Climate Odyssey project and work on selling the boat. I’m excited to share what we’ve been up to this spring!

During the month of February Zion jetted off to Squamish, British Columbia to teach at Quest University while I headed to Lakewood, Colorado for the month. Zion’s class was a success, though teaching on the block plan (one class taught in 18 class days instead of 18 weeks) is always a draining experience! Meanwhile I worked on the design of the Climate Odyssey’s artists’ book and caught up with friends and family in Colorado.
Upon our reunion in early March we hit the ground running by sailing more than 400 miles in just 6 days to get from Moore Haven, Florida to St. Marys. We made it just in time for my mom Polly and stepdad Kim arrived for a quick visit. We spend a few days anchored near Cumberland Island and hiked many miles on through its gorgeous mossy oaks and empty beaches, spotting dolphins and wild ponies frolicking just a few yards from one another!

Next our friend Eliza stopped by for a whirlwind visit before Zion departed west once more – this time to defend his PhD at the University of Idaho. He passed with flying colors and is now officially Dr. Klos (aka Dr. Z)! Zion is reveling in the first week of his life as a non-student in 23 years.  
Now we’re enjoying life in St. Marys while getting back to work. My task is to wrap up the Climate Odyssey project by finishing up the interactive map and to finally distribute campaign perks!
Zion is busy working on advertising and selling our boat. We’ve grown quite attached to the Wildcat over our many months of restoration and sailing but we have to face two important facts, A) we are just about out of funds and B) wooden boats do not thrive when left unattended. If we stored the boat on land until we were able to take her on another big adventure (at least fiveyears from now) she would likely begin falling back into the disrepair we worked so hard to rescue her from! So we decided to find another loving home for our unique craft. We’ve had a few showings but so far no serious offers. If you know of anyone looking for a unique wooden catamaran, send them this link!
Stay tuned for more in the next month, and thank you as always for your support!
Lucy and Zion