St. Marys, Georgia

As I mentioned in my Spring Update, we have spent a lovely five weeks in St. Marys GA working to sell the Wildcat and wrap up the Climate Odyssey project. I feel very lucky we found such a laid back and affordable place to spend this time because selling a boat can be a bit of a headache. We've had several interested buyers but none have yet worked out. 

We spend most of our days at the public library shamelessly borrowing internet and air conditioning. I knew I was officially ready to conclude the sailing life when I found myself fighting back tears after my library card application was rejected. The rejection was valid - we can't prove residency in Georgia. This small inconvenience would not normally bother me but after a year away from any stationary home I am so ready to have a mailing address again! 

On a brighter note we've made several friends in town including the local River Keeper and a very friendly pianist named Paul. We've had some great adventures with Paul, all of which begin or end with a tour of a residential areas where he can name the price of nearly any house on the street. Here's Paul giving us a brief piano performance in a hotel lobby on St. Simon island: 

Here are a few more pictures from our time in St. Marys!