We're back!

After a much needed month away from the Wildcat, Zion and I returned last Friday. Upon our arrival in Florida we drove back down to Moore Haven, and crossed our fingers and toes as Zion turned the key to the new engine for the first time in a month. We breathed a huge sigh of relief as the engine purred back to life! It is so quiet compared to the old one that we keep opening the engine cover just to be sure that it's still running.  

Neither of us realized how much of a toll the month of being broken down had taken on our morale. Had we known we'd be in one place for that long, we might have had a different attitude about settling in, but instead the month was a series of modified plans followed by let downs. Essentially the following script played on repeat: "Once we just get __ part, we'll be up and running! Oh shoot, that part isn't in yet, we'll have to wait four more days...". Woof. I'm glad we made some new friends in town, but I'm happy to leave the stress of boat-repairs-sans-car behind. We made it through and the upside is that now we are once again operating a fully functioning vessel with a much more dependable engine! As I write we're cruising north with the sails up at 6 knots, the sun is out and the sails are up. Life is good. 

Here are a few pictures from the last few days: