An eventful journey from Everglades City to Fort Myers, FL

After a fantastic new years spent in the Ten Thousand Islands area of Everglades National Park, we hit the water once again. We were rejuvenated and ready to get to north Florida for some well earned time down time docked at a marina. As we should have learned by now nothing on a boat is ever so simple. In the last 5 days we've received emergency texts from the National Weather Service to seek shelter immediately regrading two different tornadoes! The first came within just a mile or two of our anchorage and scared the hell out of me. Below you can see what remained of the dinner I had been preparing before the storm hit! We sat huddled in the bridge with our life jackets and headlamps on, glued to the radar app that updates with a painfully long 10 minute delay. The boat was rocking and rolling and we felt the direction of the wind pivot us 180 degrees around our anchor in a just a minute or two. Luckily the anchor held and the storm finally passed. 

The second storm hit near Labelle where we were docked yesterday. Luckily we were tied up instead of anchored, and could at least leave the confines of the Wildcat to wait out the storm in a nearby library. Though there was a tornado warning I can't find any stories about a tornado actually touching down. We watched the sheets of rain pummel the boats at the city dock from the safe and dry lobby of the library.  

These storms are very unusual for this part of Florida at this time of year, but then again all kinds of strange weather is occurring across the globe during this record El Nino year. Though it's interesting to read about the subject in light of our climate change focus, it's uncomfortable and occasionally terrifying to experience first hand.