Teaching Climate Odyssey at CC

We have an exciting announcement today! Zion and I have been asked to teach a course at our alma mater, Colorado College, next summer. The course is called The Institute for Visual Environmental Communication: Merging Art, GIS and Climate Science in the Rocky Mountains. We'll be teaching theory and best practices for communication of environmental issues through visual media. The course is open to college students outside of CC as well, so if you know of a student with an appetite for art, science, and adventure, be sure to share the course with them! 

Here's all of the course information. We'll be taking two week-long field trips, starting with one to the Rocky Mountain Land Library in South Park, CO. The Land Library, a collection of more than 30,000 books pertaining to the conservation and appreciation of Western lands, will be a perfect setting to discuss the history of environmental art while learning about climate change impacts in the Rocky Mountains. Later in the course we'll travel to Mesa Verde National Park to explore the profound impacts that changes in climate have had on ancient cultures.